Mistress Nemesis

As you are aware Nemesis was the Goddess of Fate and Retribution.

For the last nine years as a Dominatrix I have been bringing the realisation to my slaves, that my adoption of her name is so suitable a title for me.

I consider myself to be a fair and understanding Mistress to serve. I am blessed with a wicked imagination so enjoy creating scenes, changing character and image to bring fulfilment for my submissives and myself.

In my scenes you may encounter cruelty seductive Domination, total restrictive bondage, exquisite mental and physical tortures, breath control and humiliation to amuse me.

Once we are in the state of play I need no safe word, my judgement of slaves endurance is absolute, my play is edgy but sane and safe.

On a personal level I am a tall, attractive, mature lady, slim, curvy and easy to talk to, I respect my slaves and expect them to acknowledge my feminine dominance over them.

I have an extensive wardrobe of wigs, stiletto shoes, boots, gloves and masks, I wear heavy make up and enjoy looking a part of the Fetish scene I belong to.
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